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The Net Journalist is a website I've done for Paul B., owner of The Gold & Silver Exchange in Michigan.

This project was rather different than what I'm normally used to. The idea was to create a framework which will be used for launching a multitude of websites in the not so distant future. It certainly was a challenge, but in the end, we've managed to get everything "just right."

Website Features

The website is designed in a way to simplify news publishing and content management. The back-end is simple, and only allows content management. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles that website users have to keep track of, which allows authors and editors to focus on what's important, getting content added to the website.

With online news comes online communities. There are soon-to-be implemented subscription features and user management options. This is not done yet as there is no need, but will be considered / looked into in the future.

There are upcoming features that will be implemented to the website not specifically intended for the framework, but more geared towards The Net Journalist exclusively. It is for that reason that this project will be ongoing, and development will continue as the website grows.

If you'd like to see the website live, Click Here and have a look!

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