Jan 23, 2013

How to Restrict Access Using .htaccess

Restricting access to a website using a .htaccess file is easy. Below is a code snippet to show you how to restrict access using .htaccess. Refer to the code below, and copy + paste it into your .htaccess file. Follow these instructions.

Oct 08, 2012

StatusCake - Compelling Network Monitoring

There're a many number of website monitoring tools, but one of them sticks out rather well, and has prompted this young webmaster to write up a complimentary review to praise such a relatively new service. I am of course speaking of Status Cake.

Dec 08, 2010

How To Advertise Your Website For Free

This is my first blog post, so I thought I'd get the gun rolling with useful information any webmaster with a stiff budget can use.  I'm going to explain what techniques are best in the order of least preferred to most desired.  Read up and take it all in, it's actually very easy stuff!